Threesomes, Cat Fantasies & More OMG Moments From Celebrity Call Center!

Threesomes, Cat Fantasies & More OMG Moments From Celebrity Call Center!

Simply once you think Celebrity Call Center could not have more crazy, it will!

The most recent episodes associated with E! show—in which ordinary individuals get extraordinary advice from a common celebrities—featured callers help that is seeking dog penises, embarrassing run-ins with a set of uncles involved with a threesome, a pet that has a tendency to participate in whenever its owners have sexual intercourse and a whole lot.

Fortunate for people looking for some guidance, NeNe Leakes, Brie Bella and Nikki Bella, Trixie Mattel, Alyssa Milano, Lauren Ash, Reza Farahan and Bob Harper were all readily available to greatly help out—or, at the least attempted to help you.

Alyssa summed things up well whenever talking to a caller that is particularly interesting “Have you chatted to someone concerning this. a specialist? Because i am just a young son or daughter celebrity.”

Take a look at some of the hilarious questions (and just how the celebs responded!) through the latest episodes of Celebrity Call Center below!

On Asking a Boyfriend to Get Rid of the Cat:

Reza had not been having it with this specific caller from San Dimas, Calif. As Aaron place it, “My boyfriend has a pet which he’s positively enthusiastic about, and I also’m super sensitive to kitties. Will it be fine in my situation for me to ask him to get rid of it”

Cue gasps from just about any celeb!

“Oh my god!” Reza responded. “Let me personally simply get some good fundamentals plus some foundation because i am having a visceral response to your concern, but i actually do n’t need to blow my wad before we have some details. Just how long are you currently dating this gentleman?”

Aaron’s response of “6 months” positively did not assist, prompting Reza to ask the length of time their “boyfriend of two moments” has already established the cat: “about four years.”

“Okay, which means you simply arrived, and also this stunning pet has been using your spouse’s take care of four years, along with the neurological to phone Celebrity Call focus on some b.s. Continue reading “Threesomes, Cat Fantasies & More OMG Moments From Celebrity Call Center!”