Facebook. Trey & Lea’s – More Powerful Marriage & Family Workshops

Facebook. Trey & Lea’s – More Powerful Marriage & Family Workshops


We love Twitter, but we additionally understand there has to be some guidelines with regards to Twitter and our wedding. Facebook, or any social media, could be a great device or great issue in many marriages. Therefore, as married people, it is crucial that some rules are had by us, recommendations and accountability for such things as Facebook? Here are some “Guidelines for Married partners” that people follow and want to share…

1. Don’t save money time on Facebook than you ought to. If you’re remaining up through the night on Facebook while your better half goes to sleep … probably not a good notion.

2. NEVER conceal things from your own spouse on Facebook. I’ve said it before and I’ll state it a 1000 more times, openness and really could be the glue of the wedding. Once you begin hiding friendships, conversations, talk sessions and feedback from your own partner, THAT IS UNHEALTHY. If you’re perhaps not enabling your partner to understand what you’re doing on Twitter or online, that is a indication that you’re doing one thing you really need ton’t be doing. Cheating in your spouse online is IN THE SAME WAY INCORRECT as actually cheating on your own partner. If you’re carrying it out … AVOID IT!

3. Share your Facebook password together with your partner. Every password is shared by me with Lea … from my Facebook account to every current email address We have. Why would i wish to do that? It’s called trust, plus it’s also known as accountability. Once you understand my partner can start my laptop computer anytime and read such a thing I’m doing, or see any accepted place I’ve gone, keeps me personally accountable. It’s very healthy. Don’t conceal things from your own partner.

4. DON’T EVER EVER befriend anybody associated with the sex that is opposite your spouse is uncomfortable with. REALLY, befriending a boyfriend that is old girlfriend should not be done without completely discussing it together with your partner. Continue reading “Facebook. Trey & Lea’s – More Powerful Marriage & Family Workshops”