Is television Finally Ditching The ‘Gay Best Friend’?

Is television Finally Ditching The ‘Gay Best Friend’?

“The ‘gay closest friend’ trope is homosexuality on right people’s terms. We deserve better. “

Gays! They’re every-where these times: within our houses, within our groups, inside our politics, and flocking together like tropical birds on our truth television shows.

When it comes to television representation, we’re doing a lot better than before. We’ve got gay wizards, homosexual superheroes and teenage that is gay on our displays. We’ve got trans and sex characters that are non-binary a few tv shows, such as for instance Orange could be the brand brand New Ebony and clear. But as heartening because it is seeing LGBTQI individuals on display, showrunners continue to have a responsibility to ensure these figures are far more than easy ticks in a package.

We deserve figures that fulfil more function than merely being on-screen and homosexual. We deserve a lot better than the storied and‘gay that is egregious friend’.

Where There’s A Will (And Grace) There’s A Way

The homosexual friend that is best happens to be a television staple for decades now. If there’s a lady on television having intimate problems, you better think there was a sassy homosexual label providing her wise yet arch advice. Continue reading “Is television Finally Ditching The ‘Gay Best Friend’?”