Buy a woman

Buy a woman

“Hoghe moves with economy and care, gently yet fiercely; every motion is pristine, inundated with dramatic import. Ueno is supple, mild, in a position to leap with abandon one minute also to describe delicate habits with their hands the following.” – The Latest Yorker

Raimund Hoghe is viewed as one of many pioneers of dance dramaturgy and also as an artist, is a vanguard that is true of party in European countries, challenging old-fashioned notions of this human anatomy and beauty in party and culture through works that are “concentrated exams of humanity”. Their decade-long partnership with Pina Bausch is normally referenced as a pivotal collaboration from a choreographer and a party dramaturg, and something which had a substantial effect on dance-making today.

For Hoghe, going onstage is trying out movie manufacturer Pasolini’s terms to “throw the human anatomy to the fight”. Revealing and performing together with very very own frame that is unusual Hoghe masterfully disrupts our problematic criteria of human body excellence which he thinks equate people towards the status of design things. The bodies in his work are not only physical and personal, but unfold to become complex spaces that reflect on history and culture beyond this statement of visibility.

The japanese dancer Takashi Ueno in Pas de Deux, Hoghe is joined onstage by one of his regular collaborators. A series of delicate interactions around quintessentially everyday objects of Japanese culture, imbuing them with layers of meaning with subtlety, humour and an eclectic profusion of jazz, classical music and poetry, Hoghe structures. Delicate and mild motions, marked by ritual and deep connection that is human increase into a cathartic resonance of the time and beauty.

Bearing a title that alludes to balletic virtuosity, this minimalist duet is alternatively a meditative discussion of motion between two contrasting real systems, and a thought-provoking discussion between these various web web sites of memory and history. Continue reading “Buy a woman”