Malaysians Spent RM24 Million On Internet Dating Apps in 2019

Malaysians Spent RM24 Million On Internet Dating Apps in 2019

Flowers are red, violets are blue.

If you’re interested in love?

Then internet could just be the right location for you!

On line dating apps have become very popular right right here in Malaysia. Ask any couple that is random the road and quite a common reply to the “so where’d you guys meet” concern may possibly be, “online”.

And even though social networking happens to be great at connecting and bringing people closer together than ever before, it looks like internet dating apps are the undisputed match-making monarch for the brand new century.

Considering how most dating apps are free or “relatively” low priced, user friendly, and work way quicker than main-stream dating techniques or tossing the awkward orange annually, it is no surprise that Malaysians are pouring plenty of dough to the on the web scene that is dating.

And we do mean A WHOLE LOT!

According to data given by is mylol safe the marketing that is global analytics company, App Annie, Malaysians spent an overall total of RM24 million on internet dating apps in 2019.

This trend of affectionate spending apparently happens to be for an impressive upward spiral for years.

Based on the numbers, Malaysians are increasingly spending, to place it a good way, increasingly more money to get that perfect match. Investing some RM7 million in 2017 and around RM13 million in 2018. Continue reading “Malaysians Spent RM24 Million On Internet Dating Apps in 2019”