Dungeon — an space that is indoor for BDSM tasks.

Dungeon — an space that is indoor for BDSM tasks.

It doesn’t need to be a castle-like destination or underground (however it undoubtedly can be! ). It may be put up in rooms, additional spaces, or closets that are even walk-in.

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Electrical Enjoy — Electricity is employed in the physical human anatomy for various feelings. TENS devices are regarding the more typical products which can be utilized for electric play, though there’s also other wands and adult sex toys which also have actually features to produce shocking feelings in the human body.

Edgeplay — The work of pressing the boundaries of what exactly is SSC (secure, sane and consensual). That may often suggest tasks by having a threat of severe or permanent accidents or death, a rise chance of distributing infection, or an action which could cause emotional damage.


Leg Fetishism — additionally known as foot worshipping or podophillia, it’s interest that is sexual legs. It’s one of the most typical types of fetishism of otherwise objects that are non-sexual.

Fetish — A intimate attraction to items or parts of the body that are not directly intimate. Feet, voyeurism, or putting on diapers are a few, of several types of fetishes.

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Fire Enjoy — The work of employing fire as well as heat to stimulate an individual.

Fisting — The work of inserting the very first vaginally or anally.

Floggers — an item which has a handle and straps that is used to whip, caress, or tease.

Face Sitting — Also called queening or kinging, it’s the practice where a person sits on a partner’s face for oral-genital or oral-anal stimulation. Continue reading “Dungeon — an space that is indoor for BDSM tasks.”